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Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors for automation in medical laboratory diagnostics

Sample distribution

When it comes to performing a very large number of standardized tests, such as in the case of a mass test for COVID-19, there is no avoiding largescale, automated laboratories. The advantages of automation are obvious: it enables more reliable results with a much higher throughput. One important aspect for a successful laboratory automation is the transport of samples from station to station. There are several options to perform that simple, but important task and FAULHABER is providing the right drive solution.

The transport of samples can be undertaken by the means of using modular conveyor belts or in small carts with wheel drives. While conveyors work like a freight train, being able to move a lot of samples at one time, the wheeled probe “taxis” offer the option to have a large number of individual samples in one system, each following a specific route, tailored to each sample. Both options need high precision and dynamic drive solutions.

The wheeled carts are usually rather simple built. They consist of battery, drive, electronics and proximity switches, all integrated. The cabs are able to very precisely accelerate, decelerate or stop at the next step of the analysis process. The very quietly operating flat brushless DC-Micromotors B-Flat and BXT from FAULHABER guarantee smooth, cogging-free running properties with very high reliability and long service live. As samples are often transported without their cover, especially smooth movement is a must. The rare earth magnet of the rotor and the coreless winding also ensure high performance and dynamics in a compact size. Thanks to their compact dimensions, integration is easy and low power requirements ensure a sufficient time of operation.

Modular conveyor systems that transport samples in racks, on the other hand, require large, powerful drives. Its reliability is largely determined by the drive being used. With its many years of experience, FAULHABER is able to supply drive units that are optimized down to the last detail.

Probes are always on the right move, FAULHABER is making sure of that.

DC-Motors in laboratory equipment for Point-of-care analysis devices
High performance and dynamics in a compact size
Low noise
Smooth and cogging-free running
Very high reliability and long service live
Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors for automation in medical laboratory diagnostics
Brushless DC-Motors
Laboratory Automation
Smooth Sailing through the Laboratory

Automation in medical laboratory diagnostics: Most of us have probably had to provide a blood or urine sample as a patient at the doctor for preventive medical check-ups, prior to operations or for diagnostic purposes. The samples are placed in small test tubes, labelled, taken to the laboratory and…

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