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DC motors for high-speed diagnostics

Lab Automation

Automation ensures the analysis of a large number of samples in laboratories, achieving faster results, with fewer errors, lower staff numbers and a far higher throughput than conventional labs with lot of manual jobs. Of course, highly precise and dynamic drive solutions are necessary for smooth operations. Therefore, FAULHABER drive systems can be found in every step of the analysis.

Although it is possible, especially with wheeled probe carts, to undergo individual steps for each sample, the process usually starts with the preparation of blood samples in color-coded test tubes. A barcode on the probe is scanned and the required analysis is identified. Some samples might be also centrifuged to separate the different constituents of the blood. The sample preparation might require hundreds or thousands of exactly proportioned and ultra-precise additions of reagents, a task that is impossible to be performed manually.

During the analysis process, the sample is partially removed and the remaining sample is sealed again and archived. The extracted sample is transferred to a reaction vessel for the actual analysis, e.g. onto a test plate or petri dish. During the subsequent testing, the drive technology is mainly used for processes such as pipetting, liquid handling, mixing and stirring. The high-precision analysis system works tirelessly without interruption and at constant speed, thus enhancing the safety of the findings and increasing cost-effectiveness in the lab.

The extremely high dynamic FAULHABER DC-micromotors, for example, series 1524 SR and 2224 SR, are particularly suitable, like all FAULHABER DC motors, they benefit from the ironless, self-supporting copper coil with skew-wound design, making them lightweight and much smaller than other drive system with similar performance. This is important as the drive, moving the gripper arm or pipetting head up- and downwards, is usually integrated into the mobile component, demanding to be as light-weight and compact as possible.

In the laboratory, long service life and reliable operation is very important as equipment for in-vitro diagnostics must pass an extensive certification process. With FAULHABER, this is guaranteed due to the long product life cycle of our drive components.

DC motors for high-speed diagnostics
Complete solutions consisting of motor, gearhead, encoder and controller
Compact design and light weight for highly dynamic movements in the machines
Wide range of rotary and linear motors
DC motors for high-speed diagnostics
DC Motors
Laboratory Automation
In-Vitro Veritas. High-speed diagnostics, automatically error-free.

Countless samples are tested daily in analytical laboratories. The benefits of automation in this area is obvious: They make it possible to achieve faster results, higher throughput, fewer errors and lower personnel costs. In order to ensure smooth operation, high dynamics and precision are…

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