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The assembly line, introduced by Henry Ford in mass production, was only the beginning. Nowadays, automation in industrial production is impossible without conveyor belts. That applies even more for smaller parts, where tailor made systems move parts made from glass, plastic or metal, regardless if the objects are paper clips, pills, screws or baked goods. Robust materials and long-lasting, maintenance-free microdrives from FAULHABER guarantee high availability over long periods of time. The small parts conveyor belts are used in a wide range of industries.

To convey means to move. Small parts pose special challenges here, as, statistically, they are more prone to “go astray” than large objects. For smooth production, however, it is essential that nothing gets jammed in the conveyor belt. The reliability of a conveyor belt is largely determined by the drive. Microdrives obey their own rules, however. With its many years of experience, FAULHABER is able to supply drive units that are optimized down to the last detail. Not only have the motors proven their reliability in a wide range of applications but the gearheads as well. High input speeds and high output torque place special demands on materials, tooth geometry, bearings and – above all – on the lubricant. Properly dimensioned, these drives systems are then suitable for many years of maintenance-free use.

FAULHABER brushless DC-motors are a great choice. As highly compact execution with integrated speed controller, they enable precise control of various belt speeds. They are precise, have extremely long operational lifetimes, and are highly reliable. Our ironless DC motors with precious metal commutation, the most compact in the industry today, feature integrated high resolution encoders for highly precise positioning and speed control.

With our broad product portfolio and more than 70 years of experience, we will support you in finding  the best system solution even for the most challenging conveyor application.

Brushless motors in modular, compact conveyor belts for small parts
Extremely long operational lifetimes
Highly reliable
Robust and longlasting materials
High input speeds and high output torque
Brushless motors in modular, compact conveyor belts for small parts
Brushless DC-Motors
DC Motors
Industry & Automation
Motors with integrated Electronics
Microdrives ensure reliable operation

When it comes to transporting large quantities, nothing happens without automation technology. This applies for small parts as well, such as in assembly technology. In this case, conveyor belts that are tailored to the special requirements of the small parts are the solution of choice. Robust…

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