Camera System

What is happening right now in Sydney, in Honh Kong, or in New York? What´s the weather in Helsinki, Venice or Istanbul? The answers are provided by camera systems developed by earth television network and delivered in real-time and live in the form of high-quality television programs.

There are 39 of these cameras installed around the world, and they transmit live programming from well-known international locations. Every continent has been covered, with a large number of installations in Europe and the USA. These cameras are built for extreme climatic conditions and their state-of-the-art equipment includes FAULHABER brushless DC-Servomotors with integrated electronics which control the movement of the highly precise tilt and swivel heads. The systems are remotecontrolled and can provide a high-precision 360° vertical and horizantal pan. This ensures truly breath-taking moving time lapse recordings. All the camera´s control functions as well as the downstream television program production are in-house developments for which an international patent application has been submitted.