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Brushless Motors FROM FAULHABER

Maximum performance in a very small space

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Maximum performance & service life - Whether it’s high torque 4-pole DC-Servomotors, highly efficient brushless flat motors, or compact ironless motors, FAULHABER specializes in getting the most performance out of the smallest package. Due to their design FAULHABER brushless DC-motors are predestined for heavy duty servo applications with frequent overload conditions as well as for continuous duty applications where maximum operational lifetime is required.

Widely used & often recommended - The revolutionary technology with its dynamic performance in an extremely compact and extremely low-weight form, its precision and reliability has opened up new avenues for a wide variety of application areas. From medicine to aerospace and even factory automation and robotics, manufacturers in a wide range of industries rely on brushless motors from FAULHABER.

Long lasting & low noise
Extremely compact dimensions
Customer-specific solutions
Smooth speed control
High rotor inertia

Extensive range of brushless DC motors

Thanks to their special design, brushless motors from FAULHABER are ideal for use in high-performance applications in overload or continuous operation with very high service life requirements. FAULHABER offers the industry’s largest selection of complementary products tailor made for all of its brushless DC-motors. The FAULHABER portfolio today spans from 4-pole servomotors for high torques to highly efficient brushless flat motors and extremely small BLDC micromotors.

Extremely compact design. Diameters ranging from 3 mm to 5 mm
For applications where space is very limited
2-pole design with medium to high speeds
High density ironless system FAULHABER winding
Digital or analog hall sensors available
Extremely smooth speed control
Large power up to 96 W in small diameter
High speed close to 100‘000 min-1 (BHS version)
Huge impulsive torque > 30 mNm (BHT version)
High torque and speed rigidity thanks to 4-pole technology
Position control in extremely confined installation spaces thanks to optional analogue Hall sensors
Modular, diameter-compliant mounting concept for high-resolution magnetic and optical encoders
High-power motors with maximum torque
Continuous output from 133 W to 150 W
Outstanding ratio of torque to weight and size
Extremely flat design. Lengths ranging from 9 mm to 22 mm
4-pole design
Electronic commutation using three digital Hall sensors
External rotor motors with very high torque
Continuous output up to 100 W
Outstanding ratio of torque to weight and size

Still not sure which brushless motor is right for you?

Get in touch with us! We will gladly assist you in fnding the right BLDC motor for your specific application.

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Brushless motors to your exact specifications

At FAULHABER we have specialised in individually tailoring our brushless motors to the requirements of our customers. The following standard options are available for FAULHABER BLDC motors:

  • Additional voltage types
  • Connecting cables (PTFE and PVC) and plugs
  • Configurable shaft lengths and second shaft end
  • Modified shaft dimensions and pinion configurations such as flats, gears, pulleys and eccenters
  • Extended temperature range
  • Vacuum suitability (e.g. 10–5 Pa)
  • Modifications for high speed and/or high load applications
  • Modifications for motors with increased electrical or mechanical tolerance requirements

Areas of application for brushless motors

The main reasons for FAULHABER's success in complex areas of applications are the company's innovation strength in terms of products and processes as well as the consistent and extensive expertise. Using a wide variety of technologies, we design drive solutions that are unrivalled when it comes to precision and reliability in very small spaces.

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Aerospace & Aviation

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Industry & Automation

DC motors for high-speed diagnostics

Laboratory Automation

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Montion Controllers in compact measuring device from Q-tec GmbH

Metrology & Testing

Brushless DC-Servomotor in micro sensor screwdriver systems

Motorized handheld devices

Stepper Motors surgical microscope head set for work on microscopic structures


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Missing your field of application?

Our BLDC servomotors are made for many different applications. Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation.

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» The FAULHABER motors offer the best combination of compact sizing and product quality on the market. «
Olivier Lapierre
Managing director at SYMETRIE

Award-winning and certified brushless DC-motors

Around the world, the name FAULHABER stands for excellent products and the outstanding service. We have an uncompromising awareness for quality – supported by all employees – to thank for this outstanding position. This is also reflected in our range of brushless motors. From the first consultation through to the delivered product and beyond, clearly defined responsibilities and sophisticated, proprietary management systems ensure the uncompromisingly high quality of our services and products.

Selection of FAULHABER DC-Micromotors portfolio
FAULHABER TOP100 Award 2024 - Slider

FAULHABER is among the TOP 100 innovators

We have been honored with the TOP 100 Award for the fifth time, with high scores in the category "Innovation-promoting top management" and "External orientation/open innovation".

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From the powerful DC-motor with a continuous torque of 200 mNm to the filigree micro drive with an outer diameter of 1.9 mm – FAULHABER enables more than 25 million different ways to create the optimum drive system.

The future of brushless motors already in sight

Awarded several times for its successful and sustained innovation management, FAULHABER is one of the most innovative companies in Germany. Our commitment and determination to continuously improve our services, structures and processes secures our international competitiveness and the satisfaction of our customers for the long term.

Awarded several times for its successful and sustained innovation management

Our philosophy

It is our philosophy to always be technologically ahead by a nose length. We are pioneers, look beyond the horizon and constantly further develop our high-performance base technologies focusing on future requirements. We operate at the limits of what is technically possible. In doing so, we strategically invest in research and development as well as in modern processes and production technologies in order to set new standards with innovative products time and again.

Innovation and partnership

The requirements and needs of our customers are our central driving force. The basis for trustful and successful cooperation is dialogue. By means of continuous exchange, it is possible to fully understand specific requirements and problems and to jointly and efficiently provide solutions. With employees who dedicate themselves to this task with commitment, experience and, in particular, a sense of responsibility.

Around the world, the name FAULHABER stands for excellent products and the outstanding service.

FAULHABER Drive Calculator

Our very user-friendly Drive Calculator allows you to narrow down the perfect FAULHABER drive system for your project consisting of a motor, gearhead and encoder – and then make a specific enquiry.

  • With just a few details such as torque and speed, you can quickly find out which FAULHABER drive solutions are suitable for your application.
  • The filter allows you to further narrow down the list until you find your ideal drive solution. The comparison function can be used to compare the extensive product data of up to three variants in a table.
  • When you have found the drive systems that meet your requirements best, you can enquire directly with FAULHABER and have a sales engineer get in touch with you right away.

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Free consultation

Do you need help selecting a suitable brushless motor? Simply contact us for a free and non-binding consultation on FAULHABER's range of products.


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