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Flat motor

Flat DC-micromotors are predestined for applications with low overall length. The coil technology used here is designed to be as flat as possible. For this reason, it is also known as a disc motor, flat motor or flat rotor motor. Flat motors are available both brushed (DC-motor) as well as brushless (BL motor).

With the disc motor, the rotor or the coil is designed as a disc. The result is minimal inertia, which is essential for fast load changes.

Flat DC-micromotors are usually designed as a multi-pole system (e.g., 4-pole), which gives the motor even more torque. Flat motors are, in part, also offered with integrated gearheads and optical encoders – both are matched to the motors with extremely flat design.

In addition, there are also flat motors with external rotor technology. These 14-pole, flat, slotted brushless motors (FAULHABER BXT) offer the highest possible torque in a very compact design.

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