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The linear motors LM series and their applications

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Around linear motors there is always curiosity. Because of their smooth and precise linear positioning, low power consumption and better control in comparison of linear pneumatic systems. With this webinar you will see how linear motors work, their design, characteristics and use of the FAULHABER linear motors. Tips and tricks on the use of this motor technology are explained, as well as the selection of linear motors for a specific application. A Question & Answer session at the end of this webinar will fulfill your curiosity on this drive system technology.Finally, a focus will be given on different digital tools provided by FAULHABER to assist you in your selection process. A Question & Answer session will conclude the webinar.

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FAULHABER photo of Mario Zecchin
Mario Zecchin

Product Manager
After obtaining a Master in Applied Electronics Engineering from University of Padua, Mario Zecchin worked as development engineer for Micromotori Elettrici Svizzera SA, Stabio, responsible for automotive headlamp actuators, followed by holding a position as scientific mechatronics staff at Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI), collaborating with Swiss industries for innovative projects. Zecchin joined FAULHABER MINIMOTOR SA in 2007 as product manager motion control and since 2013 he works as senior sales engineer.
Language: German


  • Linear actuation
  • The linear motors design
  • FAULHABER characteristics
  • LM series data-sheet
  • Linear motors tips and tricks
  • Linear motors selection
  • Linear motors applications

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FAULHABER photo of Regina Kilb
Regina Kilb

International Sales Engineer
Regina Kilb completed her degree in engineering at Esslingen University and then moved to Lake Constance where she gained a masters degree in mechanical engineering and international sales management at the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz. After starting as a trainee in international sales in 2014, she is now active at FAULHABER as a technical application consultant for various international markets. "It is always interesting to see what customers do with our drives. I see my role as an interpreter between their needs and our development work."

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