E-mail encryption

You can find information on secure e-mail communication in the description for the respective FAULHABER location.

Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co.KG uses S/MIME and PGP technology for secure e-mail communication. In order for you to communicate with Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co.KG as a business partner using encryption and/or an electronic signature, please contact our IT department to exchange a key/certificate.

After exchanging and importing the public key/certificate on both sides, secure e-mail communication can be established.

The following prerequisites are required for e-mail encryption:

  • Installation of an encryption program on a central gateway or PC (S/MIME or PGP standard)
  • Person- or group-based key/certificate is present
  • The public key/certificate has a minimum length of 1024 bits

For a one-time or short-notice encrypted e-mail exchange with Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co.KG, an encrypted PDF solution is available.

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