For school students


Finding the right career is one of the most important decisions one makes in life. You are welcome to learn more about your interests and talents with us! We offer school students the opportunity to complete an internship (BOGY/BORS) in commercial or technical areas.
Regardless the type of school you attend: we invite you to get to know FAULHABER and learn more about our apprenticeship opportunities! Contact us if you are interested in an internship as industrial clerk or mechatronics technician.


Behind each of our drives is the drive and motivation of our employees – we know and support that. Committed young people can complete a technical or commercial apprenticeship in our company. We offer our trainees the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and collaborate responsibly.
Upon successful completion of apprenticeship, we gladly offer our apprentices opportunity to shape their future with us. Contact us if you are interested in an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk or mechatronics technician at FAULHABER.

 - Please apply beginning in July for training to commence in September of the following year -

Apprentice mechatronics (DE)

Industrial clerk (DE)

Dual university

If a high level of practical relevance is important to you even during your university studies, you have the opportunity to complete a dual course of study with us. In cooperation with Dual University Horb, we offer degree programs in mechanical engineering and mechatronics.