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Building of FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L., Jimbolia, Romania

FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L.

The production site in Jimbolia, located in the district of Timis in Romania, is a key element of the FAULHABER group's production network for skilled manual tasks and operations such as gearhead assembly, balancing processes and the manufacture of windings for the FAULHABER bell-type armature motors.

Photo FAULHABER FMR Romania Production

FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L was founded in 2005, has around 170 employees and a production site covering 2850 square metres. Its range of services also include the manufacture of plastic gearheads and the assembly of customer-specific complete drive systems.



FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L.
St. Spre Est Nr. 14/A
305400 Jimbolia

Tel.: +40 256 362 571
Fax: +40 256 362 722

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