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Building of FAULHABER Motors Hungaria Kft, Albertirsa, Hungary

FAULHABER Motors Hungaria Kft.

At its 5100 square metre production site in Albertirsa (Hungary), FAULHABER Motors Hungaria Kft. primarily manufactures the outrunner and thin-profile motors as well as the graphite commutation motors and micromotors for the range of FAULHABER drive systems destined for the international market. This site also focuses on the development of new products and the realisation of customer-specific projects.

The company which was founded in 1997 and incorporated in the FAULHABER group in 2004 currently has around 340 employees. The other services provided at this site include the injection moulding of plastic parts as well as the final assembly of customer-specific drive systems in small and medium quantities. Furthermore, in Albertirsa almost 30 engineers are engaged in the development of products and processes.


Development / Production

FAULHABER Motors Hungaria Kft
Dozsa Gy. u. 29
2730 Albertirsa


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