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For FAULHABER, as a leading supplier in the area of high precision miniature and micro drive systems, compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations within the company and its subsidiaries is a given.

Code of Conduct

FAULHABER offers the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive technologies available from a single source worldwide. From high performance DC Motors, BLDC Motors, to Linear Motors, and Stepper Motors, each drive is designed to achieve maximum performance in minimum dimensions and weight. Matching precision gearheads, encoders, linear components and drive electronics are available to complete the system. They are used primarily for production automation and robotics, aerospace, optical systems and medicine and laboratory technology.

As a family business, now in its third generation, we take our responsibility towards our employees and business partners, the public and the environment very seriously. We comply with legal requirements and the accepted standards in our sector and international business. We are committed to respecting fundamental ethics.

Faulhaber therefore expects its staff, customers, supplier and other business partners to apply the same principles and values.

These principles and values include:


At FAULHABER the well-being and the rights of the individual are paramount.

  • We respect the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Social Covenant;
  • We reject discrimination in all its forms;
  • We do not tolerate child labor or any other form of exploitation of children and young people;
  • We treat everyone fairly and appropriately.

Business integrity

Our products and service speak for themselves.

  • We are committed to fair competition and will never take part in price fixing or share customers and markets;
  • We will not offer or accept gifts or bribes from employees of other companies or officials, either directly or indirectly through advisors or intermediaries;
  • We comply with clean money legislation and international rules on international trade including export and import restrictions;
  • We respect the material and intellectual property of others and expect them to treat ours likewise;
  • We will always disclose conflicts of interest;
  • We treat our operating and company information and know-how and that of our business partners confidentially and comply with data privacy requirements.

Product quality and product safety

Our products and services and production methods impact people and the environment.

  • We expect all our products and services – and those of our suppliers and their suppliers – to comply with all statutory and internationally recognized quality and safety standards as well as FAULHABER's own internal standards;
  • We believe that, wherever possible, these products should be sustainable and reflect our sense of responsibility towards our employees, their health and the environment.

Our business partners must ensure that their suppliers also abide by these principles. At FAULHABER's request they must provide information on how they comply with these principles. FAULHABER has the right to verify compliance itself or to instruct third parties, who will be bound to confidentiality, to do so on its behalf. FAULHABER also has the right to terminate the business relationship with business partners who fall short of these principles without notice.

Whistleblower system for reporting violations

Vital for integrity as well as compliance with laws and regulations is the early detection and processing of violations in order to bring them to an immediate end. For this reason, FAULHABER has implemented a modern whistleblower system which opens confidential reporting channels and ensures transparent, prompt and objective clarification. It can be used by employees and external third parties to report practices, procedures or circumstances that raise concerns with respect to compliant conduct at FAULHABER.

Open Whistleblower system

About FAULHABER compliance

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