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FAULHABER DC‐Micromotor Series 0816ůSR

High torque in a tiny package!
FAULHABER introduces the new high power 0816ůSR Series DC-Micromotors. Based on the revolutionary System FAULHABER ironless rotor winding, they deliver best in class performance in a compact 8 mm diameter with continuous torque up to 0.7 mNm and a stall torque of 1.2 mNm! Weighing in at just 4.5g the 0816ůSR is the perfect choice for applications where light weight and high torque are essential. These coreless DC-Micromotors are highly efficient by design which makes them ideal for battery operated device integration.
Through the use of state of the art materials including high power rare earth magnets, the 0816ůSR coreless motors have achieved the industries best motor performance curve -11000 rpm/mNm, a value usually only reached by larger coreless DC motors. This new series features several nominal voltage versions from 3V-12V. High performance sintered bearings are standard with optional ball bearings available for higher radial shaft loads.

The new FAULHABER 0816ůSR Micromotors platform offers an extensive choice of gearheads and encoders to match a wide variety of application requirements. These motors can be combined with planetary or spur precision gearheads to provide with up to 100 mNm of torque. For high precision positioning applications, FAULHABER zero backlash spur gearheads provide a compact alternative to reduce or eliminate undesirable mechanical play in the application. The encoder selection includes optical and magnetic encoders with a resolution of up to 256 pulses per revolution in 2 and 3 channel versions.

FAULHABER offers a complete portfolio of drive electronics to match the requirements of the 0816ůSR. From the miniaturized SC 1801 or SC 2804 2 and 4 Quadrant speed controller to the compact MC 3002 motion controller with RS232 or CAN interface, FAULHABER has the right solution to fit the application.

The 0816ůSR series provides high performance, high power density and unmatched combination flexibility, all in a compact, high efficiency package. The new FAULHABER 0816ůSR platform represents an ideal competitive solution for applications in many challenging fields of application such as medical devices, robotics, laboratory instrumentation or optics.

Various standard nominal voltages available: 3V, 6V, 9V and 12VContinuous Torque: up to 0.7 mNmStall Torque: up to 1.2 mNmSpeed/Torque curve: 11000 rpm/mNmCombination with optical or magnetic encoders and precision gearheads
Technical Data Series 0816 ... SR
Nominal voltage 3 ... 12 V
Output power 0,4 W
No-load speed 13500 rpm
Stall torque 1,19 mNm
Torque up to 0,7 mNm
Δn/ΔM 10949 rpm/mNm
Operating temperature range -30 ... +85 ░C
For combination with Precision Gearheads / optical and magneitc Encoder
0816...SR [PDF]
Press release [PDF]
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